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Earth Day


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April 22 is marked by Earth Day.

As a family we take this opportunity to further inspire our children to love our Mother Earth.

We look at things in a positive perspective, because we have enough negativity but not enough positivity!

This year, we will walk whenever possible to help our Earth breathe. We will pick up trash whenever we see any, to help Earth be nice and clean. We will spend time in nature – probably in our field tending our crops and flowers. We continue with our pledge to reduce plastic so that one day we will manage to fill a recycling bag once every fortnight than once a week.

At home we will be making these lovely nature mobiles and listening to poems on Earth.

From a parenting perspective, we are teaching responsibility for one’s actions, confidence in speaking our truth, caring for others (whether animals, humans or plants), loving everything that makes up this world among others.

Do you celebrate Earth Day? What are your thoughts?

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