Breastfeeding & Parental Coaching

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Mama, we all at some point believe we are doing it all wrong. The doubts and fears, unsure of our next step. It is part of the motherhood journey!

Despite you feeling like that, know, that you are the perfect mother for your child and you know it deep inside! All you need -all of us need actually – is some assistance and support in your parenting journey, from when baby is born and throughout, to move alongside you while you understand, learn and grow.

How I Can Help


Investing in coaching gives you the opportunity to be listened to, validated and accepted just the way you are. It encourages you to acknowledge your current challenges, and to see them through different eyes!


On demand radio show which is perfect for us parents to listen to. Parental bites that help us grow, while engaging in our every day activities – with a mixture of Positive Discipline and Breastfeeding.


Parenting is messy, but you are not alone…even if it feels like it. Investing the membership gives you the insight on some of the messiness parenting
is about and tools on how to navigate them.

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