Your Children not listening_ (3)

You love your children, but sometimes you want to pull your hair out because………….

You feel SURE you do not have enough milk supply!

As soon as you put that child down…they start crying and want to nurse again! They’ve been there for an hour and looking for more! Everyone is telling you, you do not have enough milk to satisfy your child!

Your children are NOT LISTENING!

You ask them again…and again. Over and over. Day in, day out. You feel SO tired of repeating yourself!

You’re busy running around getting things done and then you see your children haven’t even followed a simple request.  

So you end up either doing everything yourself, lose your patience and yell or threaten consequences. You’ve tried pretty much everything – explaining, reminding, punishing, bribing – nothing works!  You are feeling frustrated with your children AND guilty for how you reacted.

You want to breastfeed for at least 6 months, you DON’T THINK you will last another day!

Breastfeeding is so painful! You are sure your latch is good, you asked and been told your latch is good and yet it is still painful!

Life would be simpler and you’d have more energy and time to enjoy your babies…..

If only you could stay calm. If only you felt more confident.

If only it were simple…

You know you need to make some changes, but where to start?


  • Latching your baby without pain
  • Responding calmly and kindly to your child
  • Be confident your body is producing enough milk for your baby
  • Your child does something when you ask
  • You reach your breastfeeding goal
  • Build a good relationship with your children
  • Feel confident in the decisions you take


That’s where I can help you. You don’t and shouldn’t have to figure out how to do this alone!

As a certified breastfeeding counsellor and positive discipline parent educator, I know the approach I’ll share with you really do get results. As a mum of three kids,  whom I also breastfed till 4 years, I have certainly dealt with all of this in my  parenting journey so far.

If you’re ready for things to change and are willing to explore all the reasons why breastfeeding is not going as you envisaged, I’d love to support you. If you are ready to explore why your child might not be listening I’d love to support you as well.

I’ll help you see new possibilities and be there to support you as you implement new strategies that feel comfortable for your family.

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