Hi I am Melissa Bugeja!

A daughter, sister, woman, wife and mother, committed to becoming an instrument of peace through self healing whilst growing in love and compassion for myself and my family. I am also a breastfeeding counselor and parental coach for mamas.

My Story

I originally graduated from the Institute of Tourism Studies and worked for 10 years as a tour operator. After my eldest was born and started breastfeeding, I felt very isolated and alone and 3 years later, after the birth of my 2nd child, decided to become a breastfeeding counselor to help mothers feel confident and part of a community as they go through their breastfeeding journey.

Three children later, lots of anger and crying, while I tried to navigate parenthood, I started finding my feet to having  a loving and peaceful family partnership. Four years later, I became a Positive Discipline Parent Educator as I dreamed of helping other mamas to find, recognize, create and understand what they really want and need for themselves and their growing families. 

My Mission

My mission is to help women discover themselves while healing the masculine within through their parenting journey

Parental Thriving currently has two Facebook Groups: Breastfeeding Matters which is dedicated to support and normalize breastfeeding and Love and Grow with Parental Thriving, dedicated as a support centre in your parenting journey with your children through a Positive Discipline approach.

I can help you

Breastfeeding & Parental Coaching