We never thought how deep into the unknown we are going when we decided to become parents. Nothing could really prepare us for it, could it? Parenting is truly HARD!!

We love our children and want to do our very best for them. Yet, half of the time (or most?) we feel we have lost all types of direction and are feeling completely lost and alone.

We might believe that we can’t change it so we should accept it. At times we might simply wish and hope that something would happen to improve our parenting situation. Or at other times we might rage about it. But what’s really needed is for us to decide that it is time to change and start taking small steps towards a parenting journey that is full of love and joy. It is so essential to finally resolve that you’ve had enough of feeling upset and lost whilst complaining about your family and instead start taking care of it with love as you truly and deeply want!

As I navigate my own parenting journey with three children, from emerging childhood to emerging teen-hood, I know the brunt of parenting. Parenting is not something purely natural. It is something that you work on to make it successful. You need to invest in it, to maintain it…just like our health! You need to learn how to be vulnerable, responsible, firm and compassionate, and understand what works for you and your family.

I honour you, the step you are taking today! Acknowledging that your parenting needs help is not easy. We tend to see it as a mother failure. Yet it is the first step to success! You’ve done something many others are still not able to do. Asking support with parenting!

You are worthy to get that help and I look forward to give you that support!