In retrospect, I was so naïve in my thoughts of parenting. I had this beautiful image in my mind, and when it came crashing down, it felt like the end of the world. Despite everything I learnt BEFORE becoming a parent and in those first years, NOTHING. COULD. REALLY. prepare me for it. For that rollercoaster ride when your dreams and reality crash together.


This image of expectations and the clashing of it with real life, happens to us all.

You Are Not Alone!

Parenting was never made to be done alone. We are called to witness and facilitate the growth of our family and in so doing, we witness and facilitate our own growth. This is what clashes our dream expectation with reality and this is why support and community are essential, AND, why I chose to be that supporting block to you. I am excited and look forward to see how I can empower and encourage you as you navigate parenting.

How I Can Help

Parental Coaching



Investing in coaching gives you the opportunity to be listened to and validated. It encourages you to acknowledge your current challenges, and to see them through different eyes; As you learn ways to challenge them.



$ 40+

A 60 minute session, to talk about your particular challenge & discuss ways & tools which can help you overcome it. You’ll feel empowered to handle this issue as the parent you want to be and reach your breastfeeding goals.




Be more confident in your parenting skills & learn to cope better with challenges as you dive into a community of like minded parents ready to show up for themselves, their families and support each other. Check out my membership by clicking below.

You are worthy to get help and support, and I look forward to guide you!

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