I am so glad you are looking at how I can serve you better.

You have seen my articles and videos so far and got interested because having children is SO hard! We never thought how deep into the unknown we are going when we decided to become parents. Nothing could really prepare us could it?

We love our children and want to do our very best for them but many times we feel that things are completely our of our control. We have lost all types of direction and feel completely lost and alone.

Well YOU are not alone!

As I navigate my own parenting journey with three children from emerging childhood to emerging teen-hood, I honestly know the brunt of parenting and how grateful I will forever be to those who provided me with help and guidance. I am here with you, in the middle of it!

AND there are many others like you, parents, who feel completely at a loss and afraid. Do REMEMBER this is not for you to navigate alone! and if you are struggling YOU and YOUR FAMILY deserve help!

Look at it from this perspective, if you are at a new job, you would ask for help to understand how things run right? if your child is struggling at school, you would get them help right? if you are not feeling too well and have no idea what is wrong, you would ask a doctor for help right? In all these scenarios, you would seek help from an experienced person who can guide you.

You are worthy to get that help as well!