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Weaning: We have truly reached the end

It will be 3 weeks on Friday that I initiated weaning from the breast with B.

Last weekend we had to do a U turn due to sickness and went back to the breast for a couple of days. So when I told him once more that the boobie is not gonna happen you can imagine he felt frustrated!

We had a couple of days with a lot of whining but nothing big really.

Well as of Friday last week, I realised he is not asking me for it any more. He still holds it at times – but it’s ok, my older two did that till they were 6! Even nap time is so much easier suddenly. I just tell him it is time and after a few protests of not being tired he settles down and sleeps alone (in my bed next to me please!).

Looking back, I am grateful we both experienced breastfeeding again for a couple of days, it was the real farewell – even though I was as ready as can be. It is also a bit terrifying knowing that I do not have my miracle cure for all; but especially for when sick…knowing he will take the breast and not get dehydrated, that it will help him calm down and avoid emergency situations.

Still, I can see on many levels how being now free from the breast, he suddenly feels more ready to explore new heights. His clinging to it was holding him back a teeny tiny bit from moving forward and now, he is ready and we both welcome these new adventures into our lives.

I would like to remind you that weaning is a process. And also unique to each family as the readiness from both parts as well as temperament and so on make a difference how this is played out, yet I hope with these posts here it helps you when your own journey is ready to move on.

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