family life, raw reality

Some days are tough

Some days are just tough!

I could see it first thing in the morning and you know, they say a change of perspective and it gets better….

Well there are days here, were it is extremely difficult to change perspective.

Sometimes my older is out of sorts and just gets angry and shouts for everything and nothing.

My middle is currently going through an inner growth and is very trying.

My youngest, ah him….he just wants all the attention and when we don’t give it, he nags and bugs and simply drives us up the wall.

Some days, days like this just make me wish to run away from my family.

Instead I cried.

I cried my frustration and sadness and tiredness.  I sat with my feelings and let them course into my body. Completely feeling the undesirables. Then I cried some more.

Some days are tough no matter how many perspectives we change!


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