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Advent is round the corner

The Autumn festivals are drawing to a close with a crescendo towards Advent and Christmas.

Advent is a beautiful festival of inward growth as we wait for the birth of Christ.

The four weeks before Christmas, can give us a lot of food for thought.

It can remind us that everything on Earth is needed for the survival of its entirety – rocks & soil, plants, animals and humans. Each week of Advent, we celebrate and honour one of our partners in the survival of our planet. Starting with rocks and soil and ending of course with the birth of Jesus and therefore humans.

Rather than eating an incredible amount of food, I personally go on a small fast in preparation to receive the light back after the darkness of winter.

Light is an important theme! We celebrate the birth of Christ, bringer of light, we celebrate this in the centre of Winter when the light is at its shortest. So, every lantern, every fairy light is a remembrance that light will come back. That nothing lasts forever on Earth. We are in a continuous cycle of growth and re growth of death and birth as we let go of things and bring in new things in our lives.

Advent can be made magical for our young children and bless them with lots of possibilities of love and kindness to spread and grow in their own hearts and souls.

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