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The second week of Advent

The second week of Advent starts on Sunday. Here at home, we will add plants to our crib. We will also do some activities related to plants like sowing them, gifting them etc

The second week also has within the feast of St Lucy (13 December). Her name (Lucia) means light. She used to feed those persecuted and living in catacombs. She gave light and hope to those people a long time ago and was filled with kindness and generosity. Another beautiful saint to learn about!

For St Lucia, we will bake Lucy buns and eat by candle light.  We will also make some lanterns to give out randomly to people.  Everyone loves an unexpected present, a gesture of kindness. We will also be reading the book Lucia saint of light which is a wonderful book with insights about the saint as well as traditions from Sweden and a recipe.

Here is another lovely story about St Lucy!

How are you planning your second week of Advent?

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