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Weaning on hold

When life sends you lemons….use them well!

Last night we had to do a U turn and gave my littlest the breast.

He suddenly developed croup. High fever and inability to breathe. He was highly panicked and I could already picture us in hospital.

I knew that the breast will calm him enough for us to know if this will warrant a hospital visit. I did not hesitate! Within a few seconds he was calm and content and he was breathing again.

My nipples are so sore today! Seems like I had already got used to no suckling.

It was a horrible night…B couldn’t find a comfortable way to sleep and as soon as he’d slide down a bit, he’d get a fit of coughing. Fever took a longish while to leave as well which didn’t help.

I haven’t slept a wink and am still hoping to go down for a nap before bedtime rolls and I am vigilant again for his breathing.

I am thankful that we still had milk in the boobies and he had no yet completely weaned. Thankful to feel his body so close to me again for a while longer, his breath on my breast and see once more the look of utter relaxation and contentment – of being home.

Prayers appreciated that he will heal quickly and without the need of hospitalization.


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