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Day 4: Weaning from the breast

This weaning is of course a process not simply a sudden happening – especially when mama led.

Yesterday, we celebrated 4 days boobie free!

It is getting better and I’d say that up to a point my little one has accepted it (But still asks for it!).

As I said in my previous post, nap time is more difficult for us. I preferred it that way because I did not fancy both of us being tired and not able to calm him down. So I worked hard with hubby to make sure he won’t mind much sleep time without his beloved boobie. That first day without we had quite a bit of crying. The second and third days he simply refused to nap (and while not ideal I did not push it!). Yesterday, when we came for a nap he did not cry, he did ask a few times though before asking me for a story and to sing him to sleep.

When bed time rolled by, he again asked me to sing him to sleep. He had asked once for it, than when I said no he asked if when he is grown up he can take it again. Now who am I to deny him such a pleasure when he is grown eh? So I said yes he’d be able to! That seemed to give him peace. It also gave me a big nice smile!

Yesterday was also the first time I felt my breasts a bit full and uncomfortable and so needed to express a little bit. Sadly, he refused to take the milk from the cup. He quite seriously told me that he prefers it direct!

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