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6 reasons for a home visit

Parenting is very difficult. The old saying ‘it takes a village’, is completely understood by parents, maybe more so in this day and age. We live in an era were despite having so many books at our disposal on parenting, workshops, courses and so on, we find ourselves overwhelmed and some times feeling isolated.

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Home visits can bring a ton of benefits to parents on their parenting journey.

  1. Parents (and children) often feel more relaxed in their own home, and parents appreciate having time to talk on a one-to-one basis. The home visit can veer into the many hiccups a parent is experiencing giving them the time to unload all the questions and frustrations in a safe environment.
  2. Talking about the baby/child and offered developmental guidelines and information specific to each child. Because a home visit is specifically for you and your family, one can help make sense of the difficulties you are facing at that point in time by being offered age appropriate guidelines and information.
  3. Emotional responsiveness and support. Parents tend to face intense conflicts, unresolved issues, trauma experiences and more that can interfere with the loving parents we hold in our minds, as many complex emotions get stirred up in this journey. A home visit helps give space to the parents to acknowledge their feelings and give direction of possible healing so they can reach their parenting goals.
  4. Positive reinforcement and encouragement. Not only children need that; as parents we often only hear about what we should be doing and why we are doing it wrong. A home visit can give you that encouragement needed to push through and feel empowered that you are the right parent for your child.
  5. Thinking of self and not just children. A home visit, will offer you context to think not just of your children but also yourself. We do not cease to exist after becoming parents. We are still us with complex needs just like our children which need to be taken care of.
  6. After a home visit, parents often feel more confident because many have been given practical and concrete assistance, increasing their tools in the caring of themselves and their children.

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