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No Shouting Challenge

Yell Free Challenge

Shouting is synonymous with parenting.

I shout, I am going to be honest with you- don’t gasp, I know I am a positive discipline educator but yes I am still not yell free!

Keeping it real, it has been a long process….. from when my first was born (nearly 10 years ago) positive discipline, attachment parenting, natural parenting or whichever name feels right for you, always felt right for our little family. Yet from feeling it right to actually doing it, well, let’s say there has been a huge difference!

I struggled with my 2 year old who at that point had a newborn sister to keep up to my ideals. I struggled despite reading and pouring on articles and books. I struggled even when I grasped what it all really meant and started to understand how to go about it. I struggle still now because it is not that I do not understand what I am meant to do, but because I get triggered and I am still learning about my triggers, healing these triggers and maybe more than anything taking time for self care.

I am happy with the progress I have made but I am still not yell free.  Occasionally I spank and that is hard to admit with you all. I feel guilty enough when I do it. I feel a very bad parent just saying this- me whom certified as a positive parenting educator. However, I choose to tell you because it is important to show you reality. It is important to see and understand that this is not a course you take and move forward. This is a path to follow, a journey to undertake, its discernment all the time till you find the perfect version of yourself for yourself and your family.

I am here to guide so together we become better.  I have challenged myself to be completely yell and spank free in 6 months. I feel ready now to really take the plunge and pull up the stakes. Are you ready to join me and start your own trans-formative parenting journey?

This challenge will be online and free to all who want to join. My only requirement is that you commit and are accountable. To interact online and keep each other up to date with our failings and most importantly our wins so we can encourage and uphold each other.

So I ask you again….are you ready to take the plunge?

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