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Welcome to the membership page. I am super excited to take our relationship to the next level.

THANK YOU for showing up here… for the community, for myself and especially, for you and your family!
The Parental Thriving Membership is for EVERYONE! This work, this mindset, this way of being inside of parenting is for all of us- you belong here. This membership is here for those of you who want to contribute to the community and grow. Your financial contribution is you raising the bar in your personal growth and development by investing and integrating it into your life. And it’s just so good!!! So thank you. YOU are the reason Parental Thriving is making an impact on the world.
We trust that you value and respect the time and energy required to create the content that you rely on and enjoy from Parental Thriving.

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Welcome to Baby Led Weaning. I am so excited to lead you on this journey of introducing foods to your little one! This is a 1 hour course to introduce you to the world of food for babies who just started or are about to start food. Included are a video, downloadable resources and also some links. At the end of your course, you can also choose to contact me for a 15 minute Q&A session with me.


YAY you are expecting a child and you are going to breastfeed…so excited for you! I so look forward to support you on this new journey of yours. In this course you will find short videos to lead you through the different aspects of breastfeeding, downloadable resources, links, access to a live Q&A session with me, BONUS: Baby Led Weaning Course


This course is perfect for you, in whatever season of your parental journey you are with children aged 1-10. Of course I am also available for any questions you might have through a 60 mins Q&A session with me (which can be used as a video call or chatting through messenger etc).