The benefits of the membership include:

Welcome to the Parental Thriving Family||Membership.

A membership programme for mums who are looking for a community and coaching while steering parenting and all its wildness.

Opening for new members September 2021

What about having a place where you are not judged and where you can be REAL – especially in the days where you are done and wish to not be a mum anymore!

What about a place where you are accepted how you are, encouraged to show up in your fear, anger, joy, despair, love, fierceness and all the other feels?

Here is this place, created by me just for you

Parenting is Tough.

There is no doubt.

And it is tough on our children but not only!

These parenting years bring a lot of challenges on mums. From needing us non stop to seeming overnight grown into young adults with their own thoughts and opinions, and NO time for us.

Is it any wonder so many of us feel this hurt, this grief?

Don’t get me wrong, parenting gives us some pretty good highs but also so very big lows. It can be soul crushing to watch them struggle…. And so amazingly heart bursting to watch them find who they are and soar.

WE watch it all, we are their soft landing when it gets hard, we are their teachers, their mentors, the enforces they do not like and sometimes we also get to be punching bags.

Now what about us mums?

We also need a soft landing, mentors, enforces…

A space where we can process all that we are going through with our children.

Mums WE need a refuge!

A refuge that acknowledges all we are doing, all we are holding and the journey we are traversing.

 The Parental Thriving Family is that refuge…because we need each other mama!

What is in it for me exactly?

  • 2 monthly group coaching calls These calls are a space for members to bring their current challenge and get direct coaching that they can take and add into their lives immediately. Coaching calls take place the second and fourth Monday of the month, 7.30 pm CET

  • One 30 minute on on one call
    Meet with me, Melissa,  for a plunge into your current challenges, a lifting talk, or simply to connect around parenting with positive discipline. All members are encouraged to sign up for a call every three months.

  • Community Forum A private group for mamas to connect, share, celebrate and ask for support

  • Mamas Retreat  Members will be invited to spend a chunk of time together that is designed to nurture and fill their mama souls. This will happen once every three months.

  • A growing Resource Bank While a member of Parental Thriving Family, mamas will have access to all past online coaching calls, as well as an ever growing content for download inspired by the needs of the community

Frequently asked questions

Who is this membership good for? It is for all those who identify as a mother who are committed to Positive Discipline. Most importantly though is for those mothers, who are looking for a space for their personal growth.

What is the time commitment for the membership? Honestly, you are invited to use the membership as feels right for you and your needs.  You are though encouraged to join the live coaching calls which lasts approx 90 mins, the retreats last approx 3 hours and the community group is open 24/7 to use and support others as needed.

Will the live calls be recorded? YES they will be. These are then stored in the resource bank for all the community to turn back to as needed.

Will I be able to cancel my membership? Of course, you can do so at any time! 

Who is this membership NOT good for? This membership is not for mums who are unwilling to look at their own contribution to the struggles and discouragement they are finding themselves in. Neither is it for mums who are attached to laying down the law, issuing punishments, using rewards/bribes, or holding a belief that children should be obedient towards adults, no questions asked.

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