One-To-One Parent Coaching

Parenting is potluck of emotions. Drinking in the amazement of our growing children to the despair when challenges arise as our little humans learn how to navigate life and all it brings as their brains take shape and form.

To the mix we have a culture and society that shout to us their views of what parenting should look like, making us go into guilt.

While you might have realised, that a calmer approach to your child’s challenging behaviour is the way to raising mature, confident adults, you will have also have realised that it’s not that simple is it?

As a coach, I assist you to commit to your vision of family life and offer you strategies and practices that help you understand your needs and that of your family (children and partner). I help you find what works and what doesn’t for your family and together we create long-term and short-term goals with baby steps to implement them.

In addition to coaching, on a parenting level, I offer a lot of focus to your emotional wellbeing. This because most of our challenges stem from our emotional wellbeing. As such you will see where you are and, change yourself from within, thus reduce the chance that the same issues resurface. Learning how to regulate our x being is really important, as is cultivating an awareness of our emotional state (something most of us learnt to suppress from when we were young).

Emotional intelligence not only has it been proven to be the key to overcoming any difficulties in relationships; but it’s the foundation for creating conflict resolution, communication and trust. However, emotional intelligence is compromised by our childhood traumas and subconscious beliefs that form our identity.

How does coaching work?

Together, you and I will create a safe, personal space for vulnerable sharing, exploring in depth, transforming from within, and effective learning. The support I offer, is me seeing you and accepting you, exactly where you are. Giving you nurturance along with the emotional work, tools and practices that will be the most effective in your personal situation.

Session 1

I help you discover and understand where you are at the moment, what exactly you want and commit yourself to that vision of a calmer and happier family. You will be supported, in processing your emotions which likely have been accumulating and/or suppressed and commit yourself to self-care as a way to regulate your emotions because as the saying goes: you can’t give from an empty cup.g.

Session 2

We will work further on emotions. We starting shift away from anger, shame, guilt, and grief, while finding internal safety. Forgiving yourself, children and partner and getting the skills to keep your emotions healthy.

Session 3

You will work to create further mindset shifts to bring love and joy back in your family. Understanding what are your love languages (and possibly those of your family), how you and your family tend to relate, and find ways to let go of defensiveness and control mechanisms which hinder our growth and understanding within the family unit.

Session 4

This session will lead you to becoming comfortable with your truth and your needs. Putting up boundaries from a space of love that encourages co-operation and understanding of each individual’s needs within the family unit. While learning to engaging them in family decisions to foster more trust and belonging.

Session 5

It is time to understand where your children are emotionally, intellectually and how to help them navigate that particular stage while maintaining love and joy in all your interactions.

Session 6

The last session is what I call integration time. We look back at all your areas of work done and focus on any one particular area that feels need more assistance.

What is your investment?

First COMMITMENT to truly want this change!


€ 350.00 $ 400.00

This will give you 6 x 1-hour video call sessions (recorded for your perusal), follow up online resources, and online support in between.

IMPORTANT: This programme will work with your needs. So the above schedule will be changed according to your needs. You are the one to set the pace and decide how much to do and how to do it.