One-To-One Parent Coaching

Parenting is a potluck of emotions. Drinking in the amazement of our growing children to the despair when challenges arise as our little humans learn how to navigate life and all it brings as their brains take shape and form.

To the mix we have a culture and society that shout to us their views of what parenting should look like, making us go into guilt.


Parents all over the world are going through this collective experience AND it is okay to reach out for help. So if you are scraping up against some challenges in your parenting, I invite you to ask for support, and dive into  learning, the same way you would for your children.

Ready for some personalised parenting help?

Struggling with:

  • Constant frustration and anger at your children?
  • Lack of cooperation?
  • Issues with bedtimes, mealtimes, and getting out of the door ?
  • Backtalk and defiance and generally are stumped how to deal with your child’s behaviour?
  • Or maybe, you’re just struggling with this whole motherhood thing and you need some support?

Well, I’ve got you.


How does coaching work?

When we begin our coaching relationship, we will set up bi-weekly calls via Zoom. During our sessions together, you and I will create a safe, personal space for vulnerable sharing of your stories and challenges. Together, we will explore in depth, the underlying beliefs and emotions that accompany your challenges. You will be seen and accepted, exactly where you are and through gentle questioning, lead you to more clarity around your challenges.

 By the end of each session, you will come away with individualised practices for increasing your self-regulation or self-care, tools and action steps for creating a climate of belonging and significance in your home, hence transforming from within, and bringing peace as you learn.  Each time we meet, we will review the action plan from the previous session, and make adjustments based on how it’s going and any new issues that have come up. In between sessions, we can check in on your progress via text or email.


What is your investment?

Coaching is an investment in the long term future of your family. So first you need COMMITMENT to truly want this change!

Parental Thriving offers two different options for parents who are looking for individual support: 

One Time Comprehensive € 35.00 / $ 40.00: 1 x 60 mins call and a follow up email.

Supported Journey € 245.00 / $ 300.00 for three months: Two x 1 hour sessions per month as well as follow up emails and resources as required.