I am so happy you are checking out my coaching programme! I see your weariness and I am here ready to serve you!

By now, you probably have realised, that a calmer approach to your child’s challenging behaviour is the  way to raising mature, confident adults, but it’s not that simple is it? You try to change and be calmer and less reactive, but somehow that anger and frustration keeps creeping up from nowhere. Life gets chaotic, you’re exhausted and lose sight of your ideals to do things differently.

I got your back!

My one-on-one parent coaching provides the missing link. What you will do different this time is have someone to encourage your progress. Someone to guide you and support you when you are feeling stuck while leading you step-by-step to achieve YOUR goals.

What does coaching consist of?

Investing in coaching gives you the opportunity to be listened to and validated. It encourages you to look at your current challenges and to see them through different eyes.

It helps you discover and understand that there are a lot of opportunities to bring cooperation and bring more peace and love in the family. By looking differently at challenges, you will be able to respond differently as well. Making you feeling in control without actually controlling. 

EVERYONE deserves coaching!

It helps to reduce tantrums!

It helps to reduce power struggles!

It helps with transitions and home work battles and back talk!

How does it work?

It consists of a video call where I mostly listen to you and than give you insights on patterns that might be hindering growth and tools to move forward.

In between calls, you will have work to do – through the tools I will give you, you will practice, connection, self-care and cooperation so you can start bringing the vision of your family life into reality.

What is your investment?

For € 150.00 you get 6 bi-weekly 1-hour video calls (recorded for your perusal), follow up online resources, and online support in between for those 3 months.