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Raising Happy Children Group Classes

Parental Thriving’s Raising Happy Children classes is a space for us to grow together as we discover how children process things, their growth and their needs. So when it truly gets real, we have a space to rest, reset and reconnect. At the end of the programme, you will feel filled with confidence in yourself as the perfect parent that you are for your own child.

Get clear on what you most want to achieve.

I am in it with you deep in the trenches!

Thinking of what I need to be the best parent for my own children, the first thing that comes to mind is a community of like minded parents with whom I do not feel afraid to be my true self, share my thoughts, experiences and worries.

I have committed myself to Positive Discipline and Conscious Parenting, yet sometimes I feel unsure of my footing especially when confronted with anger outbursts, whining, homework battles and sibling rivalry from my own children.

So ultimately, Raising Happy Children, is a place where we actually learn and grow together. A place where we learn new tools on PD and CP while strengthening those that we already have and practicing them at the same time.

At the end of the programme, you will be filled with renewed confidence and insight as the perfect parent that you already are for your child!

What does the group programme include?

  1. Weekly video content that relates to you and your children’s needs
  2. 24/7 access to a private online community for 5 weeks of the programme and beyond
  3. BONUS One 90 minute one on one coaching session with me to focus on your family priorities
  4. BONUS Weekly live 1 hr video for experiential activities and Q&A

PRICE: € 120.00 or 2 payments of € 70.00

What does the Course only include ?

  • 5 videos of 1.5 hrs each that relates to you and your children’s needs
  • 24/7 access to a private online community
  • EXTRA if chosen 5 weeks of online support with me

PRICE: € 80.00 or € 140.00 if it includes 5 weeks support

This IS for you if….

You have children or is the caregiver of children aged 1-10 years

You are ready to completely transform your relationship with your child while investing the money and energy to get there

You value having a community and are ready to ask for help and give support with an open heart and mind

This IS NOT for you if…

Your children or you are a caregiver of children aged 11 years +

You are not really ready to commit the time and money to change

You are not willing to help and ask for help in a community setting


For the Group Course, every Friday you will receive and email with a link where I will be delivering all content. I will guide you into action steps and reflection for the week. This is like an online classroom where I send out all relevant articles, handouts and other resources.

You will also find a community group chat where you will be able to reflect and process with other parents in the programme, share what you are getting the feel of and the usage of the content as well as express if things are not going along well. I, myself, am very active in the community!

The wonderful thing about this programme is that because we are connecting online, you can check in at any time you want. When you want and how you can without the restriction of time or location.

As a participant, you will be sent a document to fill with your biggest struggle at that moment in time, together with a link to sign up for your personal 90 minute one on one video call session. This time will be completely yours to dive into and deepen.

Also every participant will have access to a weekly live session for experiential activities and questions and answers (not recorded) on the online community.


Week 1: Foundation : Having a clear understanding of the meaning of discipline, child and brain development and the critieria for a positive approach to discipline will give us a stepping stone, to understand what we want and how we can start changing to achieve this new understanding.

Week 2: Fears in parenting – looking at ourselves: One of the main fears in parenting is: if we don’t punish children or call them out on their behaviour there and then, we are letting them do what they want. In this session, we will explore how our fears are connected to our own childhood parenting or social expectations and how knowing these, we are able to start the process of undoing, becoming aware and changing to what we truly feel is the way forward.

Week 3: Communication: As an essential in human relations, there is a lot of hindrance in this sector. The way we tend to communicate does not help in fostering trust, engagement and cooperation. Today we will see how little changes make a world of difference in our interactions and bring more peace in the family.

Week 4: Boundaries : Are not only needed but essential throughout our whole lives. We tend as parents to be either too strict or too lenient. Making adults who are not able to hold good boundaries as needed. Being kind and firm is how we will learn to uphold boundaries that make sense and are age appropriate for the child

Week 5: Sustainable parenting: we now know that our environment needs our collective help to save it and be sustainable.The same goes in parenting, we ideally do need a village to help us out. But even if that is not on the cards, making our needs just as, if not more, important will help the whole family thrive, be more peaceful and ultimately happy.