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Letting my soul speak

This morning I was feeling completely demotivated.

I did not feel like cooking, working or doing something to please me!

I felt it deep in my soul this fallout and had no idea what to do with myself (apart for scrolling social media uselessly).

But tentatively, I decided to play the piano for my own pleasure. It felt good but still in the dumps. So I went to cook and I am not sure the food will taste good parents! I could not muster any enthusiasm to preparing a loving and flavourful plate for the family. Lastly I started to work…..lastly because I was procrastinating!

I hadn’t done much work recently and with many ideas whirling yet no motivation to start it felt really difficult this morning. Yet, my heart is singing….it is feeling complete now that I got going. As I got myself to think about what I want to bring to you all, I remembered what my soul aches for. To be of service to you all and help you in this parenting gig. To guide you to a different path, that feels more wholesome for your family. A path were it need not be riddled with guilt but with pockets of joy and peace.

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