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Supporting child development:birth to three years

Having a newborn at home brings a lot of deep emotions from fear to elation. It is a big transition for parents, and the learning curve does not slow down much throughout childhood let us be honest.

Those first three years are especially very intense developmentally and children need a safe space to unfold and grow into their own being.  It is a time where  children imitate everything and because they are  a whole sense organ at this time, our emotions effect them a lot!

For parents, breastfeeding helps foster an understanding of a child’s needs. Babies on the other hand, feel secure and they can trust you because whenever they cry they are picked and given the breast. It is one of our first parenting moments which we do unconsciously, giving them the security they need to develop.

Children start by attaining an upright position in the first year, this is followed by speech in their second year and by the time they reach three thinking is starting to get developed.

The best way to support and parent our children in those years is to learn more about ourselves, find the inner demons and start the process of healing. What is the truth we wish to bring forth to our children? Our reactions to stress, general behaviour and so on do they reflect that truth, the values we want to impart? Working on us, so our gestures, movements and work are worthy of imitation, is in line with our values, is fundamental in our support to our children who will be imitating every thing we do from the moment they are brought into our arms.

Creating a healthy attachment with your children does not mean breastfeeding on demand till they wean. It means you start with breastfeeding on demand but as they grow older, healthy boundaries start being put in place. Kind words are given when a boundary is pushed but firmness remains.

Creating boundaries with those who strive whether consciously or not to undermine our parenting is a key to our parenting. Parenting nowadays is quite an uphill struggle more then ever. The fears, stress, anxiety and doubts seem to have increased and these are passed on to children. So finding joy and positivity and gratitude and bringing it forth to our children in the world we are creating for them will in turn create comfort to them which helps them be more confident.

As always take what feels right for your family and let go of the rest.

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