discipline, positive discipline, encouragement, parenting, raw reality

Musings on motherhood

When your ideal is none to 30 mins screen time and yet it becomes increasingly 1 to 2 hours.

When your ideal is a non shouting family but hardly a day goes by without.

When your dream is spending lots of time together – crafting, hiking, talking…but all you get is sulks, frustration and anger.

When you give your very best but feel an utter failure

When you look at your children, hear their shrilling voices, thudding feet and wish them a million miles away.

Motherhood is tough!

You fight for that goal, get overwhelmed, drown, resurface and let go….start afresh with conscious mind that your very own imperfection is the perfect need for your family. That your striving is what makes them grow.  In wisdom, you try to slowly let go of the perfection in your mind and live in the imperfection in your eyes with joy and loving kindness.

What’s worth fighting for is always tough.

Tough makes us strong

Strong makes us powerful

Powerful makes us fullfilled

This year I choose fulfilled!

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