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Reason to do an online consult

How many times do we mention the overwhelming feelings parenting brings us? Sometimes, or maybe many times, we feel unsure of something on this journey and wish a simple quick answer there and then.

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Online consultations are becoming frequent throughout the world.  These can take various forms, from simple messaging, e-mailing or video calling and yet despite not being face to face they still benefit us.

  • Apart for convenience, you get also prompt attention to your needs. No need to wait in a clinic or for the person to come to your home, just decide the method of consultation and a time.
  • If you are out of the country and need a consultation, it can still be done. no boundaries of distance effect an online consult
  • It is of course cost effective as it costs less money than a home visit.
  • It also helps people who do not feel comfortable to discuss issues face to face and retain certain anonymity.

Whatever the reason tor benefit to prefer an online consult, you can book yours here.

** Online consults are not always the right solution. We will advise you accordingly if it is felt that you need a face to face consultation.**

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