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child with multi colored jacket
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We are still pretty warm over here in Malta, but the subtle changes did start back in September and can be felt a lot more now in mid November. Yet many are still wearing summer clothes – even children!

You might wonder where I am going from here. To say the truth, warmth, as a subject came into my focus about 4 years or so ago and its fascination grew.  I learnt about warmth from another blog and since then I have understood much more what Carrie was trying to impart all those years ago.

When we consider warmth, we generally think of physical warmth. That is very important to us all and especially the very young child but and to quote:

The development of the senses, of which warmth is one of the human senses, supports the way we relate to each other and the development of the child.  This is why you see so many small children wrapped up warmly in woolens and other natural fibers during the winter. – Carrie Dentler

So while physical warmth is important to keep healthy and grow physically , we need warmth also as a support system to help our senses develop.  Let me explain further…

If I look at my personal relationship with my own children, if I am not conscious of what I am saying I tend to give out a lot of coldness. I answer in an uninterested or distracted way.  I might ask things not kindly and full of love but from a space of anger, frustration or an order to be done that very second. This leads to distance between me and my children. Children might not feel they belong; a feeling which when felt is really harmful to us all, as we all seek to belong and be a part of a family.

As with everything else, being conscious and aware is the way forward. Do not seek to be the perfect parent. Not only is it impossible, but puts the bar too high not just for us but also for our children. Healthy adults are formed through trial and error; by seeing our own struggles and imperfections.

Thus, looking at it globally warmth can be provided in different ways:

  • the easiest is physical warmth through woolen clothes, warm food and drinks
  • smiles and hugs impart a lot of warmth. This is especially needed after being separated throughout the day
  • empowering words go a long way to give hope and show love
  • one on one time, especially when there are several children in the home helps to keep that sense of love and belonging and care
  • having family time inside to connect together again fosters inner warmth to all


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