The feast of Saint Martin on the 11 November, is a lovely feast not just of kindness but of remembrance that we will always get back to the light even in the darkest hours.

Martinmas, as referred by Waldorf Education, is the Lantern Festival. Parents and children, will do a lantern which on the evening of 11/11, they will light and do a small procession while singing songs. They usually also read the story of St Martin, take some food and drink together as a community and lastly do what is called a coat drive. They give out coats to the homeless. I love that idea but unfortunately, not sure how to go about that here in our side of the world. So instead, what we do is, we start getting food from now till 13 December and give it to the food bank or local parish priest to distribute.

Sometimes, the simplest things, give us the greatest joy and the biggest meaning.