I am so happy to see you here

How is it going?

How is the transition 3 months into the school year feeling?

What is your self care looking like?

Do you feel rested?

How is your irritation level??

I see you working hard supporting your children with school and extra curricular.
I hear you looking at the possibility of consequences and rewards.
I feel you balancing the boundaries and letting go of others.

It’s exhausting.

Parenting is tough and there is no doubt of that!

So… how about you take a little time for yourself?
How about you block out three hours to nurture YOUR needs and explore YOUR desires?
How about giving yourself the RESET you need before we start the Christmas holidays and making you feel GOOD?


Here is the place just for you on this day 

A place that acknowledges all we are doing, all we are holding and reflecting on where we are heading next.

 The Online Retreat is that place…because we need some time for us, we need community, we need acknowledgement!

What is in it for me exactly?

3 hours together for €  20.00

We will start with some grounding

Followed by guided activities to support you

And Reflection time together

If you are part of the membership program this retreat is at no extra charge for you.


Saturday 19th December on Zoom

To pay in US Dollars kindly contact me here

Fill Up this form for Payment other than paypal