As a first time (second and even third time) mother, I know how overwhelming it is to give birth and be handed your baby, which you have been waiting for so long and feel unsure of what to do!

YOU are exhausted after giving birth. Maybe your birth didn’t go as planned and you feel traumatized, which increases the overwhelm! And you latch your child but they are crying seemingly non stop, or it seems that they are nursing all. the. time. And how the heck do you get that latch good eh?

I feel you AND I can help you so you can stop worrying about it.

During our 60-minute session we’ll talk about your specific breastfeeding challenge and you’ll get advice and support so YOU can achieve your desired goal in the very foundation of this journey called parenting.

What is your investment per 1-hour online session

€ 35.00


Or € 45.00 for home visits
If you have financial challenges, please contact me, I am sure we can find a solution that works for us both.