Society fills us with constant pressure of what we should do and how to do it, from when we tell all we are pregnant or adopting and beyond.

And our children feel it too – from when they are still in utero.

Whether it’s too much stuff, too much information,  or too many choices — too much is overwhelming & stressful. It leads to anxiety, lack of confidence, lack of sleep and more!

Thankfully, there is a solution.

We can choose to simplify. We can choose and willing to go beyond whatever it is that keeps us doubting ourselves.

Attending workshops it is known to help parents….

  • be more confident in their parenting skills
  • cope better with challenges
  • feel more present in whatever they are doing
  • have better parental mental well-being


When you enroll in one of the hereunder workshops you will be joining a group of parents who are ready to be confident and make changes so that their family life reflects their hopes, wishes, values and priorities.

Below you’ll find the different workshops, which you can click on for a list of topics covered in each.

You’ll receive an email from me that outlines the main ideas of the workshop of your choice; as well as a follow up email a month later to give you some further tips and check in on you.

We’ll meet at yorflo in Bahar ic-Caghaq to discuss the topic of your choice, have Q&A, and come up with practical ways to apply it to YOUR family. You’ll leave each workshop having decided on a do-able action you’ll make to move you towards what you want for your family.

Group workshops like this are amazing because they offer a sense of community, inspiration and support.

*Private workshops are also held on request*

I am happy to be partnering up with Adrienn a qualified women’s health coach and yoga teacher, starting this October.

When I first met Adrienn, we instantly felt a connection, old souls meeting again. We share a lot in common when it comes to birth, parenting and women’s health issues. After our first meeting it felt natural to start working together. She is just as passionate as myself about helping expecting mothers and parents. Her quiet calm, wisdom and knowledge will surely challenge all women to help them in their journeys for women’s health!  Adrienn like myself is a mother- although she passed me with 1 child to 4 children!   She runs workshops and courses about women’s health both pre and post natal as well as yoga classes in the studio. For more details please check her site and yorflo’s schedule.

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