Weaning: The baby led approach

Starting food to an infant can seem daunting!

I remember the first time I started weaning and had read about baby led weaning. I LOVED the idea but knew of no one who was doing it and was so afraid of doing it wrong. Fast forward to 11 years and 3 children later and I now know how easy it is but I also see the fear of choking, not being fed enough and a myriad of other questions that parents get.

I wish I had found this page before when I really needed help and encouragement with breastfeeding. Melissa was so informative about baby led weaning. Both my husband and I really liked the way she presented the topic and that she answered all our questions with valid answers. She even managed to convince my husband! Highly recommended! – Jeanelle

This course covers all these questions and more. Giving you the opportunity to grow in confidence at this particular stage in your parenting journey and allowing you to experiment in finding your parenting style at the same time.

What does Baby Led Weaning consist of?

This 60 minute workshop includes the history of weaning and how that changed across the ages. Bringing insight on why Baby Led Weaning is considered the natural way to feed an infant. What specifically does Baby Led Weaning mean and why it is important in the healthy development of your infant. When is a child truly ready for food and why, keeping in view the WHO recommendations and what doctors mostly actually recommend. Safety in Baby Led Weaning, choking and gagging, allergenic foods and what you need to know about them, as well as simple foods to start you off. Lastly we will cover how weaning will actually look like versus our expectations.

What is your investment ?

For € 30.00 you get:

  1. A recorded video or attend a live online session.
  2. Live Q&A or through chat
  3. Online content pertaining to weaning

I strongly recommend Melissa’s professional advice, she came home for a private session on baby led weaning. Melissa patiently explained everything in detail plus answered all the questions and doubts I had. Keep it up, it was really interesting and helpful. – Sarah