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The Family Rhythm Series by Parental Thriving:

Rhythm is an integral part of parenting because through a rhythm, children know what is happening in their life. They feel secure and confident and can navigate the unexpected which less anxiety.

Each day throughout the series you’ll receive an email with free printables to guide you as you go through the process of creating a rhythm for you and your children that is practical yet nourishing.

Creating a peaceful Summer at home:

Summer is full of outdoor expansiveness, of natural
radiant light. It calls us to play and enjoy ourselves for as long as daylight is available – as if tomorrow never comes!So with all this outbreath, we need to balance it up with quieter activities in the home that keep a pace, a rhythm for our family. An anchor to keep us stable and avoid meltdowns, back talking and other undesirable behaviour.

This short guide gives you five tips on how you can create a peaceful home during the Summer expansiveness.

Bringing meaning to Advent and Christmas:

It can be challenging to those of other spiritual and religious leanings to feel comfortable celebrating this festival, but it does give much to the child! As Christians and a Waldorf family, we have changed our celebrations to reflect what we wanted to bring to our children. So I do invite you whether christian or not, if you celebrate this season, what is the one thing you wish to bring forth to your children? For us, Advent is where we prepare ourselves for the arrival of Christ. The wildness of summer and its light have gone and most of nature has withdrawn to sleep. Darkness comes early and it is for us a time of inner contemplation. A time for understanding what we have been doing and what we wish to change.

It is a short guide on ways you can bring meaning to this festival that works best for you even if you are not Christian!

Videos on YouTube

You can access various videos which I have made on my YouTube Channel on both parenting and breastfeeding

Options against payment:

As a small business, whilst I thrive to keep adding up my free content for you, I also need you to help me keep up with my life vision through payment services.

One Time 60 minute session: This meet is for parents who simply need a one off support or encouragement session. Clients will be given various options and balanced information so as to be able and make an informed choice on the next step they should like to make on breastfeeding or parenting.

One on one coaching sessions: This package lasts for 3 months and you get two 1-hour sessions per month and online support in between. This package is for parents that desire ongoing support for changing the course their family has taken to one of connection, cooperation and peacefulness. Clients will be encouraged to bring changes that connect them to their needs, whilst supported in strengthening the relationship with their children and reducing conflict.

If you are interested in coaching, schedule a discovery call so we see if it would be a good fit for us to work together. Click below.


Remember that community is important through our parenting journey, because parenting is tough and you do need a village! So I have created two groups on Facebook to bring you an online community to help you and lift you up.

Breastfeeding Matters: Completely dedicated as an online support system to anything breastfeeding

Love and Grow with Parental Thriving: Completely dedicated as an online support system to anything parenting