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Raising Happy Teens Classes

Parental Thriving’s Raising Happy Teens classes is a space for us to grow together as we tweak our skills. So when challenges arise, we have a space to rest, reset and reconnect – an anchor to keep us grounded. At the end of the programme, you will feel filled with renewed confidence in yourself as the perfect parent that you are for your own teen.

Get clear on what you most want to achieve.

I am in it with you deep in the trenches with 2 children starting their teen years, sending me in confusion at time. Just like it can feel isolating as a new parent, so is navigating the teen years.

Thinking of what I need to be the best parent for my own teens, the first thing that comes to mind is a community of like minded parents with whom I do not feel afraid to be my true self, share my thoughts, experiences and worries.

I have committed myself to Positive Discipline and Conscious Parenting, yet sometimes I feel I am loosing my footing, especially when confronted with extreme emotions, screen time battles, and of course the pulling away from my own children.

So ultimately, Raising Happy Teens, is a place where we actually learn and grow together. A place to consolidate our PD and CP tools while practicing them at the same time. So when the challenges arise we have a place to rest, reconnect and get grounded.

At the end of the programme, you will be filled with renewed confidence and insight as the perfect parent that you already are for your teen!

What does the programme include?

  1. Weekly video content that relates to you and your children’s needs
  2. 24/7 access to a private online community
  3. One 90 minute one on one coaching session with me to focus on your family priorities
  4. Exclusive office hours even after the course ends in the private online community

This IS for you if….

You have children or are the caregiver of children aged 10 years +

You are ready to completely transform your relationship with your adolescence while investing the money and energy to get there

You value having a community and are ready to ask for help and give support with an open heart and mind

This IS NOT for you if…

Your children or you are a caregiver of children aged UNDER 10 years

You are not really ready to commit the time and money to change

You are not willing to help and ask for help in a community setting


Every Friday you will receive an email with a link where I will be delivering all content. I will guide you into action steps and reflection for the week. This is like an online classroom where I send out all relevant articles, handouts and other resources.

You will also find a community group chat where you will be able to reflect and process with other parents in the programme, share what you are getting the feel of, and the usage of the content, as well as express if things are not going along well. I, myself, am very active in the community!

The wonderful thing about this programme is that because we are connecting online, you can check in at any time you want. When you want and how you can without the restriction of time or location.

As a participant, you will be sent a document to fill with your biggest struggle at that moment in time, together with a link to sign up for your personal 90 minute one on one video call session. This time will be completely yours to dive into and deepen.

Also every participant will have access to exclusive content on the website.

Week 1: Foundation Blocks

First, we begin by focusing on basic Positive Discipline/Conscious Parenting principles. Why relationship, attachment, understanding and acceptance are so important. Building up on the foundation that will ground us throughout the rest of this programme as we go deeper into the challenges we are likely to face with our adolescents.

Week 2:

This week we look deeply at how things are with our teenagers. Delve into our fears, how we are responding to them, the strengths we own and the lessons life is inviting us into in our relationship with our children. Lastly we will seek who our teenagers need us to be to continue growing during this turbulent time.

Week 3: Communication

Even if we have been practicing PD for a while now, communication and our language can get lost in the teen years. So this week, we will rediscover how are we listening to our children? What messages are they receiving from us? Can we communicate in a way that empowers and encourages our children more?

Week 4: Boundaries and liberty

Structure keeps being important for our children, so we will look how that looks in our homes. We will also review boundaries that are in place and arrange them to better suit our teens while making sure they will bring ownership of them from our children.

Week 5: Sustainable parenting

This last week we will focus on self-care. The teenage years are difficult and messy; and unless we care for ourselves, we are not going to be able to be what our teens need us to be – especially when it is hard. We will also go back to foundation and relationship and see how things have improved.