A hero’s heart – a coming of age circle for boys

This search for something to help boys transition from boyhood into adulthood has been at the back of my mind since my first born made his appearance in the world. However, the urgency and need of it started culminating about 5 years ago when I saw that girls naturally transition this phase through the start of their bleeding and the possibility of organising a menarche ceremony for them if so inclined. However, the more I searched the less I was able to find something specific for boys. Most books tell us that boys need to transition with the help of men, however of course this is not always possible for various reasons.

I admit for a while I felt defeated and than this book came out: The Hero’s Heart by Melia Keeton-Digby and thought why not let’s try it. I was lucky enough to be alone at home when the book arrived and you can imagine I sat straight down and dug into it. I was reading and crying tears of joy as this is what I wanted for so long to teach my sons but felt stuck on how to bring it about. While this journey can be done on a one to one basis, I know that the biggest impact will be when other boys and their mothers are together in a circle and so I decided to do A hero’s heart journey here.

What is this journey and what do we need for it?

For generations, we have lived in patriarchy – where men are mostly holding key positions around the world for power. Patriarchy is a society thing and WE contribute to its continuance in various unthought of ways. Patriarchy does not oppress only women as many think, but stunt and oppress our men as well and as rightly said: We cannot journey far if boys are left behind– because we make a whole; both male and female need to have their place in society!

Our boys are taught from a young age that certain characteristics are not acceptable for men – especially when it comes to emotions. This leaves a big void and a recklessness. We, the mothers, can change this. We should, because these sons are marrying our daughters whom we are teaching more then ever how to fight patriarchy. However, males also need to learn how to fight it so together with females they can truly make a difference in the future generations.

To join this journey you need to resonate with the practices it professes and be committed to not miss the monthly meet ups. This is not a for profit ‘course’ and as such, any expenses relating to the place we meet and some other things needed will have to be divided between the parents. It should not amount much more than Eur 30-40.

If after reading the information above and the why here, you feel the call to join, please do so by filling the hereunder form.