Introducing…. The Craft Box

Here at Parental Thriving, we are thriving to bring you much more than just coaching.  The aim is to help families build stronger bridges- connections that will not crumble very easily.  Crafting with family is one way to strengthen that connection!

The Craft Box, which is Waldorf Inspired, has been created by myself and a friend through the joy of seeing our children unfold. Seeing their wonder, joy and love expanding with each passing year as we bring Waldorf education and way of life into our home. We wish to extend that joy and beauty to you whilst trusting it will also expand the Waldorf community on our islands.

The Craft Box, is a monthly subscription box, in which you can find a booklet in both Maltese and English with instructions for two crafts, a verse or poem, a story and a recipe. You would also have all the materials for the crafts.

There are various options available from which to choose with our favourite being the Green Revolution subscription where you pledge to keep the box intact for us to pick up on your next delivery.  This saves you money and helps save the Earth we live on by using less packaging material.

All craft materials are natural (unless otherwise specified), that means you will get 100% natural fibers like cotton thread, wool batting, wool felt etc according to the materials needed for your crafts.

The crafts are designed mostly to be done by children (or adults) aged 5 upwards, with those under 8 years of age needing adult help! That said, the younger children will still enjoy the stories, poems and helping with the baking and ultimately playing or admiring the crafts you did.

I trust you will enjoy this new addition in the Parental Thriving family and look forward to bring you some crafting magic your way!

The Craft Box also has its own Facebook Page.

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